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What services do you offer?

What skip size do I need?

Do the skip bins have a walk-in ramp or door?

Do the skip bins come with a cover?

Is it possible to book a few weeks in advance?


What payment methods are available in the shop?

Is my payment secure?

How to avoid additional charges?


Are Redooo's services insured?

Who is responsible if damage has occurred to my property?


Can I order a delivery for the same day?

Can you guarantee my time window?

The driver has not turned up. What can I do?

Is it possible to have a container delivered outside normal business hours?

Is it possible to get a delivery at the weekend?

Do I have to be on site when my container is delivered?

Does the truck require special conditions?

What should I do before the container is delivered?


How much space does the container need?

How long can I rent a container and can I extend the rental period?

When do I need a permit to set up a container?

May I move the container?

Will the container cause damage?


What am I allowed to load into the container and what is prohibited?

What happens if I put an item in the container that is not allowed?

Other people throw rubbish in my container. What can I do?

What do I do with materials that I have in small quantities but which I am not allowed to throw into my container?

What do I do if I have asbestos?

Up to what height can I fill the container?

What happens if I load the container over the top rim?

Does my container have a weight limit?


Can my container also be collected before the originally specified date?

How long in advance do I have to announce the collection of the container?

At what time is the container collected?

Do I have to be present when my container is collected?

Can you exchange my full skip for an empty one?

What do I do if I was not satisfied with the service of the Redooo partner?


What happens to my material once it has been collected?

How much of my commodities are recycled?