Our BigBag - Your Solution

The BigBag is a 1m³ bag for waste disposal made of a sturdy plastic fabric with 4 loops, each in the corners. For your project a container is too big but the dustbin too small? Then the BigBag might be just what you need! Check whether your collection location is within the permitted delivery area:


Order BigBag and dispose of waste easily

Our BigBag - your solution

In cooperation with Hornbach, the BigBags can be purchased online or on site at one of the Hornbach branches. You can view the disposal costs online and at the same time check whether your installation site is in the permitted collection area. We offer the BigBag for tree and garden waste, collect it from your home and ensure that it is disposed of properly. Please note the filling and delivery conditions.


1. Check installation site online & buy BigBag

You can order the BigBag via the website of our cooperation partner Hornbach. The BigBag will then be sent to your home by post.

2. Place the BigBag in the right place

Please note the installation conditions:

  • Place the BigBag at the collection site before filling (note that a filled BigBag can weigh over a tonne).

  • Place the BigBag so that the crane has free room to move upwards during collection

  • Observe the access guidelines for collection by lorry.

How to place the BigBag

3. Filling the BigBag correctly

The BigBag can be used to dispose of waste that accumulates during gardening or renovation work. Please ensure that it is filled correctly so that the resources can be disposed of appropriately.

A BigBag for mixed construction waste

Rent a container for mixed construction waste

What can go in

  • Wood waste, sawdust (A I - III) 

  • Glass, ceramics 

  • Plastics, pipes 

  • Laminate, wallpaper, carpet remnants

  • Paper, cardboard, carton

  • Emptied packaging

  • Concrete, tiles, stones (max. 5 %)

  • Foil, polystyrene (max. 5 %) 

This is not allowed

  • Liquids, paint and varnish waste, solvents 

  • Foils, glass and rock wool 

  • Insulating material 

  • Plaster, sheetrock, plasterboard 

  • Household waste, residual waste, bulky waste

  • Wood waste, sawdust 

  • Paper, cardboard, cardboard packaging

  • Building materials containing harmful substances, porous concrete 

A BigBag for garden waste

Green waste

This may go in

  • Branches 

  • Tree stumps 

  • Branches (Ø less than 15 cm) 

  • Tree cuttings 

  • Lawn and meadow cuttings 

  • Prunings from shrubs 

  • Weeds

  • Mulch

  • Leaves 

This is not allowed in

  • Tree trunks, roots and stumps (Ø greater than 15 cm)

  • Earth & sand

  • Gravel & stones 

  • Grass swards 

  • manure 

  • Packaged food, leftovers

  • Plastic bags

  • cardboard, paperboard and plastic packaging

  • Wood waste, metal, construction waste

4. Order collection

Here you can order the collection online. Enter the postcode of the collection location here, select the type of waste and then order the collection on the desired date. Alternatively, you can call 0800 800 2018. And that's it! Sit back - we'll take care of the rest!


Thank you

for recycling properly and helping to put valuable materials back into the circular economy. Proper disposal is important for the environment and for a more sustainable future, as much waste is not waste but important resources.