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We want to make ordering containers as easy as possible for you. That's why you can view and manage all container orders online in our customer portal.

Smooth waste management is very important so that you can focus on your core business. It can quickly happen that you have several contracts with waste disposal companies or that a container is full sooner than expected. To keep track of everything and easily order an emptying or exchange, log in to our customer portal and see how easy it can be!

What is a contract?

A contract provides information about which container is booked, where the service location is, what the intervals are and what type of waste is involved.

The contract comes into effect as soon as one of our disposal partners has accepted your request.

In our customer portal, you benefit from a detailed contract overview and a clear structure.

contract management

Permanent or daily business?

In the case of a permanent business, you can specify the type of waste and the order interval at which the container is collected/exchanged/emptied. Even if you need several containers at different service locations in your business, you can
conclude a daily deal.
A daily deal is a one-off container order. An example of this would be the one-time placement and collection of a container at a construction site.

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Our Redooo customer portal brings you together with our certified disposal partners and allows easy management of your waste containers. Here you have everything in view and the possibility to make changes - conveniently, online and with just a few clicks!

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