Site management in our customer portal

All sites of performance at a glance

It can quickly become overwhelming with a large number of contracts for different types of waste with numerous waste disposal companies at several locations throughout Germany. To help you keep an overview and easily order an emptying, exchange or removal, you will find an overview of sites of performance in your Redooo customer portal.

What does our site management offer?

In the site of performance management, you can view active, inactive and archived performance sites listed separately. Particularly useful for the construction industry, we have added the function of being able to pause places of performance. Furthermore, the table offers the possibility to sort and filter according to the most important address data. For this purpose, we have also included the criteria project manager and an own performance location ID, which you can assign yourself. This should enable you to find the most important information of your performance locations as quickly as possible in order to maintain the best possible overview.

site management

Organise permissions for your sites

Decide which rights a portal user may have for a site. Grant full authorisation so that service locations can be viewed and orders be placed. However, you can also revoke users' authorisation to book services. In addition, it is possible to make only certain service locations accessible to selected portal users. This allows you to make your Redooo customer portal available to your service providers as well, e.g. on your construction site, without worrying about who ordered what and when.

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Our Redooo customer portal brings you together with our certified disposal partners and allows easy management of your waste containers. Here you have everything in view and the possibility to make changes - conveniently, online and with just a few clicks!