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Waste disposal in the automotive industry - economical and environmentally friendly

Whether car dealership, workshop or petrol station - we find a suitable disposal concept. in the automotive industry, a lot of different waste is produced, a large number of which can be returned to the circular economy after appropriate recycling. When it comes to car disposal, we help you dispose of the individual components of the vehicle. In this way, individual parts and also hazardous waste can be disposed of correctly. You concentrate on your vehicles and we take care of your entire waste management.

You benefit from our large and comprehensive network of disposal service providers as well as our comprehensive know-how regarding legally sound and cost-efficient processes. If you have any questions, uncertainties or other concerns, we will be happy to advise you personally so that you make the right choice.

Redooo is your contact when it comes to hazardous substances in waste disposal

In the automotive sector, there are various hazardous substances that need to be disposed of safely, such as used oil, oil-containing operating fluids and oil filters, coolants, brake fluids and car batteries. To save time and effort, all these substances can be disposed of in one collection with special vehicles. This allows liquid substances to be extracted and safely transported to recycling in special tanks.

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Automobile development

RETRON - Safe storage and transport means for lithium-ion batteries

As e-mobility becomes more and more popular, less of the above-mentioned hazardous substances are produced, but the car batteries in e-cars pose a challenge to the responsible waste management companies. Car batteries are a high-risk material due to their fire and explosion hazard. The chemical composition can also be harmful to health and the environment if stored or transported incorrectly. Safe and proper disposal is absolutely necessary here for people and the environment.

In order to be able to recycle the quantity and sizes of lithium-ion batteries, a safe means of storage and transport is first needed. For this reason, RETRON was developed and successfully introduced to the disposal industry. Due to
Due to the high risk involved, RETRON has designed special containers to ensure safe handling of batteries.

RETRON is part of our parent company REMONDIS and is a specialist when it comes to transporting lithium-ion batteries so that they can be recycled afterwards. In this way, raw materials such as copper or aluminium can be sorted out and returned to the recycling process.

Smart cars, smart disposal

The future is smart. A transformation is currently taking place and even the automotive industry can no longer do without digitalisation. Smart cars, smart entertainment, smart speedometer displays - now the only thing missing is smart waste disposal. Mobility, cities and infrastructures are changing. The automotive industry must constantly adapt and be supported in this by the waste disposal industry. At Redooo, we go with the change to meet the changing requirements of waste disposal. We will be happy to advise you and design a suitable disposal concept for your branch!

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With Redooo to a fast, digital and transparent waste management solution! Our expertise and our portal help your company to achieve efficient and cost-effective waste management solutions.

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