Digital invoicing

Less effort and costs

Billing without any paperwork

Digital billing has several advantages: you have all the important information and documents for billing at a glance. With the option of sending invoices electronically, you make a contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation by dispensing with the traditional use of paper.

Payment is made according to agreed, long-term prices. Open and settled invoices can be viewed in the portal and, if necessary, paid directly. For your records, you can download the statement in PDF format directly after it has been generated
and keep it.

Digital invoicing

Become a Redooo partner now

Become part of our successful network and strengthen your reach with us! Benefit from many advantages, whether with or without a partner portal. Communication and processes between us and the customer run digitally and increase the efficiency of order processing. The partner portal also offers other useful functions that make it easier for you as a partner to provide services. Manage your contracts, overviews and billing easily and digitally.