Online presence

New customers - more orders

Our partner portal acts as an intermediary, your profit is mainly in the area of referral income. They do not have to worry about their own internet presence and still receive more orders through our network. Members of our partner portal thus receive free online presence and can handle important processes automatically.

online presence

Customers also gain from integration

In the search for a suitable disposal company, customers are suggested the right service provider by us through a strongly developed, Germany-wide network. If you are active in the required area, we assign you the job, which you can accept, reject or postpone. Our network of disposal companies strengthens transparency and promotes further expansion and long-term partnerships, as well as satisfied customers.
In addition, you can offer your customers a way to interact digitally. Through the partnership with Redooo, your customers also have the opportunity to view and act on important information online through our customer portal.

Become a Redooo partner now

Become part of our successful network and strengthen your reach with us! Benefit from many advantages, whether with or without a partner portal. Communication and processes between us and the customer run digitally and increase the efficiency of order processing. The partner portal also offers other useful functions that make it easier for you as a partner to provide services. Manage your contracts, overviews and billing easily and digitally.