Request handling

Manage all enquiries clearly in one place

Request handling is considered as a central task area for fulfilling performance obligation. Here the first contact between partner and customer is made. The customer's enquiry can be understood as a specific request that you as a partner can either accept or reject. If you accept the request, a contract is created. You can also suggest alternative dates depending on capacities.
Enquiry management organises a precise recording of the customer's needs and a service provision that can be realised by the partner.

In the partner portal, you have an overview of all the enquiries you have received. As soon as you receive an enquiry, you will also receive an e-mail. This way, nothing can escape your attention.
Our enquiry management in the portal provides you with an overview of enquiries received. This allows you to check whether you can provide a service that meets your needs. In the enquiry process, it becomes clear how your capacities match the orders and whether you consequently want to accept or reject the enquiries or suggest an alternative date.

request handling

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