Digital customer service

Our customer service - digital and uncomplicated

Redooo stands for digitalisation in the waste management sector and aims to achieve the highest possible level of automation with its partner portal in order to simplify processes enormously.

With our digital customer service, we offer you the opportunity to contact us and the customer online. You are not dependent on telephone service hours and can thus manage your orders digitally.

digital customer service

Digital service and satisfied customers

With Redooo, you can report back your orders easily, quickly and digitally, upload receipts or make changes. Billing also takes place digitally via the partner portal. These and other advantages lead to fast, digital contact with all parties involved. Smooth order processing increases the customer satisfaction of our common customer and strengthens a successful network.

Become a Redooo partner now

Become part of our successful network and strengthen your reach with us! Benefit from many advantages, whether with or without a partner portal. Communication and processes between us and the customer run digitally and increase the efficiency of order processing. The partner portal also offers other useful functions that make it easier for you as a partner to provide services. Manage your contracts, overviews and billing easily and digitally.