Customer acquisition

New customers through Redooo

With us, you gain access to a large network with which you can receive qualified new customer enquiries for containers in your region. This gives you an advantage over the competition and you don't have to be found by the customer himself in the vastness of the internet.

customer acquisition

More customers - more turnover

Thanks to our partner portal, your customers have a fixed contact person and do not have to do any research themselves. This simplifies the acquisition for you and the search for a disposal company for the customer.

The partnership with Redooo not only opens up a new clientele in the business customer sector, but also in the private customer sector. We forward the orders that are relevant to you. In this way, our customers are also your customers.

Become a Redooo partner now

Become part of our successful network and strengthen your reach with us! Benefit from many advantages, whether with or without a partner portal. Communication and processes between us and the customer run digitally and increase the efficiency of order processing. The partner portal also offers other useful functions that make it easier for you as a partner to provide services. Manage your contracts, overviews and billing easily and digitally.